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On the beat transcription

HOST: Welcome back to the On The Beat. Everyone I am over here with Dr. James; you will know from Brooks Eye Center. He’s been in the business of course for over 42 years. And if you have glasses or know someone that needs glasses, he is the man that’s probably helped them throughout their life. We’re talking all about eye health and welcome to the show.

Dr. James: Glad to be here. 

Host: Alright, let’s talk about what types of things can harm my eye health. That’s a mouthful.

Dr. James: It is. But you know, some of the big things right now of course are sun, sun can do very big damage to the eyes. The UV rays, that’s the longer rivaling (0:44). 

Host: What does it do to the eye? 

Dr. James: Well, typically can cause cataracts if you leave it unprotected and the shorter  rivalling to the eyes, which are the blue rays and that’s something that we are just start finding a little bit more about can cause macular degeneration as you get older and those blu rays not only comes from the sun unlike uv rays, that’s basically where you get all the uv raises from the sun. the blue ray comes from all of these digital devices that were on such as cellphones, computers, laptops, all the things  that we stayed, you know, in front of, basically they say about an average of 12 hours a day. 

Host: I don’t know what everyone’s doing because 12 hours a day I can assure you I am not sitting on my iPhone or computer.

Dr. James: Television. We are also getting blue rays from most of these new LED light bulbs. 

Host: Really?

Dr. James: So, they are everywhere. 

Host: How do we protect?

Dr. James: Well, there are filters for that and you should even wear, a lot of those sunglasses are beginning to have blue ray protection. You can also get lenses even if you don’t wear prescription that has blue ray protection. 

Host: So you saying we could, a form of sunglasses that we wear indoors but without them looking like sunglasses?

Dr. James: Correct! You should have just slight, some have yellowish tint, some have very little tint but it has that protection in them.

Host: Alright, let’s get down to how do I know a part from seeing blurry lines if I do have eye damage and what test can be done and how are they done?

Dr. James: Well you know, you may notice that you are not seeing as clearly as you once did. So you would come in and we would do, say a photograph of the back of your eye, we may do what we call OCT which is x-ray like CT Scan of the back of the eye and it gives us very in detail of what’s happening. 

Host: Okay, now. You see kids at the age of maybe 3 with some glasses. How do you know if your child needs glasses without the optometrist? 

Dr. James: Well you know, you know if they’re having trouble maybe following, let you them follow your hand or something like that. and if they are having trouble doing that, when (?) they are running into things, if they can’t catch a ball, you know just simple things.

Host: Well at the age of 2 maybe?

Dr. James: Sure, even earlier. And the only thing you want to do is look at their eyes and see if they look normal or not; to be sure there is no health issue with the eyes. 

Host: Alright, some of the concerns that you said a little bit earlier wrong which is damaging our eyes if the damage can eye reverse those effects?

Dr. James: No. It cannot. All of the damages done. So, that's why it is so important to start early, as a child. They need very good sun protection. 

Host: We’re not talking about skin care. We’re are talking about glasses

Dr. James: Well, the same things happen to your skin. That’s why you should keep take care earlier on that too. 

Host: Just on the side point, I don’t know, do you stalk children’s sunglasses? 

Dr. James: Yes we do.

Host: That’s why that’s important. You see I didn’t even think about kid’s glasses. I would never thought about that. 

Dr. James: But the damage starts the moment you walk out.

Host: Okay so when your kid wants the glasses, it is just not about being trendy, it is about buying it for them to protect their eyes.

Dr. James: Absolutely. 

Host: Mr. Brooks, thank you. I appreciate you.